AQUACHIM PLC guarantees to its partners high-quality complex solutions.

We work to establish European standards in the medical diagnostic and therapeutic methods and in analytical control activities.

At AQUACHIM, we comply with the national policies and priorities in the areas of: industry, healthcare, food and environment protection. We position high-technology and innovative products while taking into account the expectations and demands of the Bulgarian market.

We pursue our Mission with a team of 15 chemists, 10 biologists, 8 medical doctors, 6 engineers, 3 pharmacists and 12 economists. Seven of the team members hold Doctor degrees and four of them have academic ranks.




Driven by the understanding that people are the main capital of the company, we strive to develop the capacities of every staff member. We encourage the involvement of every employee in the process of structuring the individual targets, which are directly related to the achievements of the company. We demand the observation of the Code of Ethics by every member of the staff; the Code is based on international standards and rules of communication within the company and with external institutions (customers, administration, competing companies, etc.). We encourage professional development, creativity and new ideas. We strive to win and be the best.




At AQUACHIM, we have set the following ambitious objectives:

  • Introduction of new technologies at medical diagnostic and analytical laboratories;
  • Development of research projects and implementation of laboratory equipment and analytical methods in the areas of environment protection, water treatment, foods safety and plant health;
  • Further development of the activities of the Training Center of the company and delivery of training schemes within the scope of our Mission;
  • Implementation of innovative therapeutic methods in various areas.

We have the will to progress in attainment of these objectives.