The development of AQUACHIM JSC, Bulgaria can be split into two periods:


I.1992 – 2009


AQUACHIM was founded on 26th June 1992 by Ass. Prof. D-r Borislav Velikov. Since its establishment the company has been recognized as a successful project for the local market expansion of the leading German chemical-pharmaceutical company MERCK KGaA. Due to the long-lasting partnership, good European practices were introduced, the staff capacity was improved and all product groups of the chemical and pharmaceutical departments were developed. Towards the end of the period, AQUACHIM established partnership with the American companies Beckman Coulter and VWR, as well as with the Swiss pharmaceutical company ACTELION.

AQUACHIM developed product lines, through which it positioned itself as a provider of innovative products on the Bulgarian market. The company established itself as a leader in the area of complex laboratory solutions, including laboratory medicine, and showed rapid growth on the medicine market.


In 2009, AQUACHIM sold out its business with MERCK product lines.


II.2009 – 2017


With a focus on the complex laboratory solutions, AQUACHIM constantly develops new areas and niches, which require hi-tech products. This fostered the partnership with Molecular Devices, Nanosphere, Bioneer and ОGТ with their product lines paving the way for development of the newly established Molecular Biology department.

Along with this, the pharmaceutical product line was expanded due to the partnership with Ferring and Moleac.

The first medicines, for which AQUACHIM was issued Marketing Authorization, were prepared to be released on the market. The medicines were for treatment of oncologic, psychiatric and cardio diseases.

The training center, licensed by the National Agency for Vocational Education and Training, was established where trainings related to the marketing positioning of AQUACHIM products lines are carried out, as well as trainings to respond to the market demands.

AQUACHIM is a partner in development and implementation of scientific research projects within European programs as well.

The new areas drive AQUACHIM towards new market niches, which the company develops successfully by employing and expanding its capacity.


AQUACHIM JSC guarantees to its partners high-quality complex solutions:


  1. Presentation, delivery and distribution of instruments, consumables, specialized reagents and medicines;
  2. Design and delivery of laboratory equipment and real-time measurement systems;
  3. Consultations for ISO 17025 and ISO 15189 certification;
  4. Training at the Professional Center, certified by the National Agency for Vocational Education and Training – an institution to Council of Ministers of the Republic of Bulgaria.
  5. Training and support in the process of development, implementation, validation and verification of standard and alternative methods.



 AQUACHIM PLC is a Bulgarian private company whose founder and majority owner is Assoc. Prof. Dr. Borislav Velikov. Members of the Board of Directors are M.Sc. Kamelia Tzankova – Executive director, M. Sc. Veska Jecheva and M. Sc. Rozalia Anastasova, according to the Board of Directors resolution from 2017.